Green West 5 km

This short route of 5 km goes west of Majenfors over dirt road and through the woods. It has a nice hidden picknick place. If you combine it with the purple route it's  6 km extra, or follow the orange route at the end (+ 10km).

Let's Go! Follow the road west, for description of the first part (1km) see the orange route.

 At this point, after the open fields (1km) you take a right and follow the path in the woods;

After 100m go straight ahead into the woods. Dont turn left, our neighbour lives here   

You walk or bike through the woods and follow the road, you cant get lost here. The road is a little bit rough here ant there.

 You enter some dark forest and after about 1km you turn left on this point. BUT if you go straight ahead you will find an idyllic spot on the water (see 2nd picture below). I was there alone with only 2 swans in the water. Too bad i didn't took a bottle of wine withe me    

 If you took a left and followed the road on your left are some old graves from loooooong ago.

Just follow the path trhough the forest. When you get down hold right at this point till you reach the main road again. 

 On the main road you can take a left and go back to Majenfors.  Or you can take a right and follow the purple route (+ 6km) or the orange route (+ 10km)

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