Orange West 10 / 12 km - Around the river
04 mei 2022 
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Orange West 10 / 12 km - Around the river

This route goes west via the next waterdam around the river Lagan and back via the other side. It goes mainly through the forest. You can take a shortcut between point 5 and 10, this will shorten the route with 2 km. 

Let's start!

Stay on this side of the river and Go West in the open air  into the forest and follow the main path for about 3 km.

 After 300 meters you will find the kano place on your right. Walk to the water to have the best view on the old water powerplant of Majenfors. It's build in 1909 and still in use.

When you continue your journey you will see a wall of rubble on your right. This is the earth that was released when the canal to the water plant was dug. It was brought here by a little train. You can see the train track on the old picture here below.

Often you see grass that has been plowed. This is done by Småland's most dangerous animal, the wild boar. But don't worry, they are very shy and you won't run into them anytime soon.

 On the road you will pass this typical Småland farm.

 After 3 km you turn right at the point with the 3 mailboxes. And keep right untill you reach the water plant of Basalt.

Cross the dam and you will get on a little island with a nice place to picknick. It has an old dock (?? you know what it is, leave a comment). Continue your way and you will get to the second dam. It's not the Hoover dam but still impressive, isn't it?

 On the other side of the dam you go up the hill and hold right. Follow the path for about 600m untill you reach the crossing on the picture below, turn right there.

 Follow the road for 2,5km until you reach the main road. On this point you turn right. Now you can follow the main (quiet) paved road for about 1 km untill you reach Fredsstenen. Or you can take the route via the forest (3 km till Fredsstenen). If you opt for the last option turn left on the main road and after 100 meters turn left (see arrow on the picture).

 After 300 m. keep left. Dont turn right. Though on Google Maps it seems there's path, it's dead after 500m.

 Keep following the path through the forest for about 1 km until you bump into this little house. Its a little bit unclear but the road continues to your right.

 After 100 m you turn right at this point. Cross the little old bridge, carefull!

After the bridge you turn left and follow the path 1,5 km untill you reach the paved road. 

Underway you pass this nice farm.

 On the paved road turn right  

 After 300 m. you will reach Fredsstenen. Here peace was made by the Danish and the Swedish in 1613.

Turn left here and follow the path for 3 km. 

I hope you liked the route. Do you have suggestions leave a comment below please.


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