Old Watermill in Knäred 25km

This route of 25 km takes you to the secenic Watermill (kvarnen) in Knäred and back. All pretty descent roads to cycle, the way back is on a very quiet asphalt road.

In the old station of Knäred you will find a cosy small handcraftshop. If you are looking for some original Swedish souvenirs, this is the place. In Knäred you will find a Coop supermarket to buy lunch or take a lunch at the local pizzeria. Near the old watermill you will find plenty of nice picknick places.

Let's go!

We stay on this side off the water and go west. For the first 3.7 km you follow the orange route. (see for description of the this part the orange route). Follow the route till you reach the point below, here we turn left. At this point you will find the waterpowerstation, build in 1910, of Basalt. Behind lays the beautiful old dam.

In june you can see the beautiful Lupines. You will see them a lot in Sweden. It is not a Swedish flower in origin. Some institutions sees it as a problematic flower as it suspresses native plants.

  Follow the road for about 1km and take a right at this point;

 Follow the road for a couple of hundred meters and before the train crossing, we'll turn right and follow the path along the river. Note, we stay between the river and the railroad line. Don't cross it or you will end up the road 15. It's not forbidden to bike there but its a very busy road.

 After 1km you will reach the old hydroelectric powerplant of Knäred to your right. Have a look at it, especially when the water is flowing its sensational.

 We'll continue the road till we reach the point below. You cannot enter the road with a car but by bike or foot is no problem. We take a left here.

 After a few hundred meters we enter the town of Knäred. We take a right turn here and after that straight ahead.

But take a moment to cross the road and have a look at the old station of Knäred. You will find a cosy handcraft shop (see below).

 If you crossed the road after 100 meters you will find the old station of Knäred. It has a lovely shop with handcrafted items. The owner even makes all the candles herself.

If you are looking for an original Swedish souvenir, this is the place to be.

 Ok we continue our way into Knäred, cross the river and follow the road straight ahead. In Knäred you will find, on the first road to your right, a pizzeria with quite good pizza's. They are also open for lunch, check there website for opening hours.

On the third road to your left you will find a COOP supermarket.

When you reach this point, we turn right.

Have a look at the nice church of Knäred.

 Go back a bit on the road you came from and take this road;

 After 250 meters you will find this beautiful old bridge to your right. Have a look at it but dont cross it. We will continue the road/path straight ahead.

We follow the path straight up. Underway you will find this building to your right. It's most of the time closed but look through the windows, there are all sorts of old equipment inside.

You will pass the old watermill (kvarnen in Swedish). The door in the left corner is always open!

 Follow the path untill you reach the parking place and just before the toilets you turn right.

Cross the modern hangbridge and follow the path.

On the way you will find a nice picknick area with a nice view on the rapids and the old watermill.

Just follow the path and keep right till you reach the end of the path. To your right there is the old bridge again. Again we dont cross it but we will turn left.

Keep right till you reach Knäred again. Stay on this road till you reach this point, take a left (see arrow) on the asphalt road.

Follow the (very quiet) asphalt road for almost 10km till you reach the Fredsstenen again. Turn right here and follow the path utill you reach Majenfors again.

 Underway you will pass this fish pond where you can flyfish for rainbouw trout ; sunnedamms-sportfiske

Sunnedammens Sportfiske

 On this point you can follow the orange route (see from point nr. 5), it takes an extra 1,5 km to your route.

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